Whether it is a Security Masterplan for a new development, preparing a corporate Security Strategy or developing strategic plan for your security systems Instrom’s professionals have the experience and knowledge to deliver.

When planning a major development, a Security Masterplan will identify the threats to the development, the assets at risk and the measures that should be implemented to mitigate or reduce the risk. This will then be incorporated within the design guide for developers and designers when producing detailed designs.

Within large sites or organisations, a Security Strategy which ties in to the corporate strategy is essential to set the objectives for security staff and systems and the policies and procedures that will follow from it.

For developers seeking to achieve BREEAM accreditation, one credit that is available is HEA06, The Security Needs Assessment (SNA). The SNA is a project and site specific assessment of security needs for a new development. This strategic document, usually prepared at Stage 2 of the RIBA plan of work, will support the planning and design process to ensure that safety and security issues are identified and suitably mitigated within the design.

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